A Virtual Visit to Dutchess County

BBG&G has produced the first VR (Virtual Reality) video for any tourism destination in the Hudson Valley.

On behalf of Dutchess Tourism, Inc., we created a 2.5-minute 360° video highlighting authentic brand experiences that visitors can enjoy, such as flying a vintage bi-plane at Rhinebeck Aerodrome and kayaking on the Hudson River.

Viewers can watch the VR video wearing special virtual reality goggles, experiencing the scenes in three dimensions and gaining a 360-degree view by turning their heads. BBG&G also produced a separate 360-degree video that can be watched without goggles. The videos have been created both for visitors, and for marketing the county to tour operators and travel media at trade shows.

Take a look! http://dutchesstourism.com/360

Using VR allows you to provide a fully immersive experience in a fast, cost-efficient and interactive way.  For businesses and organizations trying to attract visitors, VR leads to more time spent engaging in the content, increased awareness, higher conversion rates, and increased visitation rates.

Are you ready to market with this new and exciting technology?

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