Anna Smith (formerly Catanzaro)

Director of Marketing and Media

One of Anna’s greatest strengths is not so much that she knows how to do a lot of things – although that’s true – but that she knows where to find the people who are best at what our clients need done. That’s one of the reasons she gets such excellent results in everything from media negotiations and planning, market research and search engine marketing, to web analytics and tracking return on investment (ROI). Anna knows how to ask the right questions, pull together the strongest team, and do it all while keeping project budgets on track. A real strategic thinker and action-oriented professional, Anna earns the respect of colleagues and vendors alike and parlays that trust into real results.

What does it mean to you to work for a female-owned business and why is it important?

Mutual respect is very important to me. We also share similar values, we’re all moms and we understand the importance of work/family balance.

Tell us about a time when you felt especially satisfied about how you had made a difference for a client?

I love seeing my clients get positive results from a marketing program I helped implement.

What would your colleagues say is, er, different about working with you?

I have a diverse background. I like to be involved in the creative process. I work hard, but like to have fun at the same time.

What is the fantasy job you do in your imagination? (Baseball player, musician, marine biologist, etc.?) Come on. We know you have one.

I have a several fantasy jobs, professional musician (guitar and piano), location photographer, food critic, and museum curator.

How do your values influence your approach to your job at BBG&G?

It is my nature to help others. I genuinely care about doing what’s right for my clients and delivering the best work possible.

"I love seeing my clients get positive results from a marketing program I helped implement."