Barbara Joyce

Project Manager

It takes a special kind of person to make sure that a project with lots of parts and people runs smoothly while budgets stay under control. That’s Barb’s specialty. With skills she learned working at a Fortune 500 company and a Wall Street executive search firm, Barb applies the same tenacity to this task that she applies to teaching Sunday School and ensuring she never misses a Yankees game.

What does it mean to you to work for a female-owned business and why is it important?

I enjoy working for a female-owned business because my bosses “get it”. They understand me, being female, and understand the struggles that working parents sometimes undergo. 

Quality of life is a very important issue to me personally, and the culture that we have at BBG&G is special. It truly is a team atmosphere where each person not only works well with each other, but cares for one another. Additionally, I enjoy working for a women-owned company because females are the movers and shakers of our world today. We are charged with keeping our homes and raising our children, all the while making important decisions in the workplace and supporting each other through it all! It’s not easy.

Tell us about a time when you felt especially satisfied about how you had made a difference for a client?

I think my biggest satisfaction comes from helping the firm keep organized in their day-to-day operations, which in essence helps every client that I work with. It is hard to pinpoint one experience with a particular client, as there have been many during the years. I especially like scheduling all sorts of ads, press releases, you name it, for Dutchess Tourism and LP Cylinder Service. Some might find it boring work, but organization is key to any company, and for some reason, I thrive on the details in life.

What would your colleagues say is, er, different about working with you?

Probably that I’m an Evangelical Christian who loves to share my faith with others. I hope this shows through in everything I do and say because it’s an integral part of who I am. From the music that I play to the words that come from my mouth, I want to shine for Jesus, because He deserves it!

What is the fantasy job you do in your imagination? (Baseball player, musician, marine biologist, etc.?) Come on. We know you have one.

Actually, the truth of my fantasy job is to be the towel girl for the NY Yankees. I borrow this idea affectionately from my friend, Deb, who always says we will have to fight it out if we ever get called in for interviews.

How do your values influence your approach to your job at BBG&G?

I try to live a life of integrity and strong character. I always give my best to my company and try to enjoy each day and appreciate each one of my colleagues. Walking in grace and faithfulness means a lot to me, and hopefully to the people around me. I find great satisfaction in a support role, and really do enjoy helping clients, employers, and co-workers achieve their goals and visions. My values have a lot to do with that, as I try to live out a self-less life in and outside of my home.

"I think my biggest satisfaction comes from helping the firm keep organized in their day-to-day operations, which in essence helps every client that I work with."