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You might be one of those we just can’t let get away.

Every agency’s success is ultimately driven by the talent it attracts. We think our type of talent is a cut above, so when we find someone who offers it, we don’t want to let them get away!

Are you creative, while still knowing how to keep your feet on the ground? (Not that you can’t put them up occasionally. We’re not too uptight about stuff like that.)

Do you love to come up with ideas that make people say WOW, but understand that "wow" alone isn’t enough to make our clients successful? (That whole strategy thing.)

Do your friends think you’re strange because the thought of branding and marketing actually excites you? (We’re sort of like a big support group for that kind of mentality around here.)

If this sounds like you, then you sound like us. Call us at (845) 615-9084 or e-mail You might be one of those we just can’t let get away.


It might be one of the most important calls you ever make.

We are strong believers in internships as a way to get your foot in the door of a career in our industry. But know this: A BBG&G intern is going to do a lot more than grab coffee and walk around asking people, “Is there anything I can do?”

We challenge our interns. We challenge their thinking, their skills, and their capacity. That’s how a career in our industry will be, so we might as well get you started on the right foot. We’ve got great clients, a fantastic team, and lots for you to learn and do.

If you’d like to break into the industry the BBG&G way, call us at (845) 615-9084 or e-mail It might be one of the most important calls you ever make.


Your time and ours will be well spent.


Keeping An Eye On Opportunity

What are we working on? What are our observations about the creative field and the business community in general? What insights can we offer to help you achieve greater success? Or . . . what kinds of hijinks are going on in our thrill-a-minute office?

Keep up on our blog and you might be as up-to-speed as we are. It’s always an adventure and we enjoy taking you along for the ride.

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