Jean Campbell Galli

Strategist and Copywriter

Right around when her daughter was entering middle school, Jean decided that balancing career and family was best achieved within a 20-mile radius from home rather than commuting sixty.

She began working as a creative consultant in 2011 after nearly 25 years in ad agencies and on the corporate side. Jean now advises businesses in the Hudson Valley, applying the same principles she used working on national brands; defining what makes a business unique, appealing to customers wants and creating a distinctive sales message that can be successfully communicated through traditional and digital media. She generates and executes ideas that are proven to make a difference to a business or organization.

What does it mean to you to work for a female-owned business and why is it important?

You want to get a job done, give it to a busy woman! We are the masters of multi-tasking. Why else would we be built to birth and feed our young! I love working with all women, their energy and passion. I’ve worked with a department full of men, and that’s fine, but there’s no pecking order when it’s all women.

Tell us about a time when you felt especially satisfied about how you had made a difference for a client?

Repositioning a brand that has been sitting on the shelf for a while is always a challenge. Some of the best experiences I’ve had are giving those brands a new strategy with fresh advertising and marketing. Suddenly, they are relevant again to today’s consumer.

What would your colleagues say is, er, different about working with you?

I collect rocks…all shapes, all sizes, I can’t resist. The best is when I come home with a heart shaped one.

What is the fantasy job you do in your imagination? (Baseball player, musician, marine biologist, etc.?) Come on. We know you have one.

Stand-up comic. Closest I ever came was when I hosted a Comedy Night that was a fundraiser for my daughter’s school. Some would say, it’s a good thing I kept my day job!

How do your values influence your approach to your job at BBG&G?

I love reaching the consumer, talking to them, understanding how a product or service can make their life better or easier. Trying to determine what motivates people is a responsibility that I take seriously and with humility.

"Some of the best experiences I’ve had are giving those brands a new strategy with fresh advertising and marketing."