We first started working with LP Cylinder Service, and the hard-working, and versatile family that owned the propane cylinder and tank refurbishing facility, several years ago. The family had built the business from the ground up, forging a reputation for quality, leadership, and innovation in a truly niche industry.

Over the previous several years, they had expanded rapidly; developed new products unique in the industry; and had even begun to dabble in trade show marketing and advertising.

They recognized they needed a partner and a guide – but would we be able to “get them”? Could we come to understand their business well enough to be able to effectively develop a brand and marketing strategy that would fuel continued growth?

Well, six years later, the answer is still “yes!”

Having worked with all kinds of companies over the years, we know how to immerse ourselves in our clients’ industries, learn their trade lingo, and gain an understanding of their client audiences, all in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Most of all, we know how to use that research, knowledge, and insight to build powerful brands and marketing strategies that work.


Integrated Advertising

LP Cylinder Service had some immediate needs. An important trade show was coming up, and the firm had no consistent logo, corporate ID, or corporate materials for use at the show or in future marketing efforts. They needed print advertising for trade publications, and a whole new web presence.

We tackled the basics first, establishing a solid branding foundation, and then addressed their immediate needs associated with the upcoming trade show.

Over the years, their cohesive, integrated marketing program has included print and digital advertising, sales collateral, direct marketing, public relations, trade show marketing, and brand new web sites (twice!)


LP Cylinder’s original web site contained minimal information on the company, and barely described the value. We quickly outlined a new web site, offering far more versatility, functionality, and critical content. Their new, colorful plastic products were added, along with customer-friendly pricing and color charts. This year, it was time for another update and overhaul. The industry and their competition had evolved; new functionality for the web site was desired; and certain differentiating factors had to be re-emphasized to the market as a result.