We Give a Hoot for Truck Drivers Case Study

In 2010, the New York State Thruway McDonald’s Operators asked BBG&G to develop a campaign targeting truckers, a large target market for these highway-based locations.

To give you a little history, McDonald’s® and HMS Host (owners of Burger King) had been offering a 15% discount to truck drivers for many years. While, originally, discount cards were presented to truck drivers, in recent years they had not promoted the program or handed out new cards. It became more of a courtesy to provide truck drivers with the discount. And most of the new truckers weren’t even aware the program existed.

As we were doing research for this campaign, it came to our attention that HMS Host decided to discontinue the truck driver discount — at a time when the drivers needed it the most!

Seizing the Moment:

BBG&G developed the “We Give a Hoot for Truck Drivers” Loyalty Program, to let truck drivers know that McDonald’s® values their business. With a new name and new promotional material, we revitalized the 15% discount program and garnered increased loyalty from the truck drivers, who are a steady source of income for these restaurants.

How it works:

Utilizing branding guidelines we had developed for other marketing programs for this client, the “We Give a Hoot for Truck Drivers” promotional materials target truck drivers while reinforcing the brand of the New York State Thruway restaurants. With signage prompting the truckers to ask for their discount card, managers distribute cards to truckers who show their commercial driver’s license. These discount cards entitle truckers to a discount on food and beverages purchased at the 11 New York State Thruway McDonald’s® locations.

Then and Now

At the roll-out of the program, in 2008, the headline copy included the words “Some things never change” referring to the fact that, even though HMS Host has decided to stop their program, McDonald’s® still “Gives a Hoot” for truck drivers. After approximately six months, we dropped the “Some things never change” copy, and the campaign is still running successfully today as simply “We Give a Hoot for Truck Drivers.”

Marketing Tools:

  • Discount Loyalty Card with break-away keytag
  • Hanging Signs
  • Employee Stickers

Onboarding Materials for Management and Restaurant Employees:

  • Cover Letter to Management
  • Employee Room Posters