Peggy Brunetti

Director of Agency Operations

When clients, associates, and friends comment about how professionally run our agency is, we know Peggy deserves much of the credit. As our Director of Operations, Peggy makes sure things run smoothly so we can focus our energies on our clients. As most people do in a small business, Peggy wears many hats, and in addition to operations, she also oversees our finances and handles the account service for several clients. Peggy is another one of our team members with great attention to detail, making life much easier for the creatives among us.

What does it mean to you to work for a female-owned business and why is it important?

During my career, I have enjoyed working for both women and men. I believe it is the individual that matters. That being said, the two most prominent reasons I enjoy working for this female-owned business are collaborative style and flexibility. Debbe and June encourage us to work together as a team and bring our ideas to the table, and they recognize the demands of our personal lives and the need for compassion.


Tell us about a time when you felt especially satisfied about how you had made a difference for a client?

There are actually two projects this year that caused me to feel particular satisfaction in making a difference for clients:
• Through my relationship with our contact at the Southern Dutchess News, I coordinated a Bridal Show for The Garrison. This January event brought a crowd of 300 to experience the spectacular views, food, and hospitality of this magnificent venue.
• Securing a segment on WNBC’s “New York Live” for Dutchess County Tourism. The segment showcased what is "Distinctly Dutchess" – the fabulous food, historical sites, and scenic beauty including The Culinary Institute of America, the FDR Home and Presidential Library and Museum, and the Walkway Over the Hudson. It was very exciting! To see it all come together on the show, online, and in videos makes the effort very rewarding and enhanced the reach for Dutchess Tourism to the New York City market.

I am blessed to work with such wonderful people at Dutchess Tourism and The Garrison.

What would your colleagues say is, er, different about working with you?

My faith drives me in everything I do. I am very focused, goal-oriented, and driven to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. In the midst of the busyness, I try to show concern and respect for each individual that I work with, clients, staff, and vendors, and keep them in my prayers.

What is the fantasy job you do in your imagination? (Baseball player, musician, marine biologist, etc.?) Come on. We know you have one.

I would have loved to be a dancer! I am lucky to live it through my daughter, Rachel, who has danced since she was three and now choreographs and teaches at the NY Dance Center in Goshen.

How do your values influence your approach to your job at BBG&G?

I strive for honesty, integrity, patience, and joy in living out my faith in the workplace. I had been told that this was quite unique when I worked in New York City, but it is actually pretty commonplace here at BBG&G!

"My faith drives me in everything I do. I am very focused, goal-oriented, and driven to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible."