Save Time & Add Value With Marketing Automation

Today, marketing doesn’t involve rudely interrupting a large crowd of people and hoping some of them buy your message. It involves opening the narrow door to the customers who are already knocking on it, giving them what they want and encouraging them to share it with others. When done right, marketing results in a beautiful merging of customer satisfaction and increased business success.

Marketing automation refers to the pairing of software and strategy to automate repetitive tasks such as email and social media, while collecting the data necessary to create a highly personalized prospective buyer experience. Marketing automation programs make it possible to determine what’s working and what’s not, give prospective buyers the information they want, when and how they want it, and all the while take a chunk of the burden off your shoulders.

How? Here are just a few ways. Marketing automation allows you to:

  1. Build dynamic customer lists automatically, based on behavior and interaction
  2. Map email content to customer’s behavior and interests
  3. Develop targeted emails that engage
  4. Leverage customer behavior
  5. Provide real-time engagement and results
  6. Move customers down the sales funnel
  7. Drive post-purchase sales and service
  8. Bring data from multiple touchpoints together into a unified, actionable database

With marketing automation, you don’t have to sacrifice value when you save time. Still, you can’t assume that because the blogs are scheduled and email responses are automated that your digital marketing campaign is a wrap. It’s important to use marketing automation to listen, as well as speak to your clients; because as much as it saves you time, the most important function of marketing automation is to foster an ongoing relationship with your customers.

Seem like a lot to wrap your mind around? We can help. BBG&G Advertising is the only marketing automation certified agency in the Hudson Valley and Capital Region. Click here to learn more about our marketing automation program, or give us a call at (845) 615-9084

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