The Value of a Strategic Plan

Would you give a talk to an audience without first researching the topic, preparing notes, and getting a feel for who you were addressing? Probably not; and neither should you dive into 2018 without a marketing game plan.

We research everything possible before we even begin to develop materials. As we like to say at BBG&G, “It’s the work we do before we do the work.” What if you stepped up to a podium, ready to give a speech on finances, only to realize that your audience was comprised of Kindergarteners? The fact is, unless you have a strategic plan, it won’t matter how pretty your marketing materials are; they’ll be useless.

As you prepare for 2018, consider researching and analyzing the following:

  • Your competition
  • Customer demographics
  • Target audience behaviors
  • Industry best practices
  • Market trends
  • Location factors
  • Growth opportunities
  • Predicted challenges

You want a return on your investment? Then invest in understanding what will resonate with the people who want your product or service.

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BBG&G Advertising & Public Relations
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