BBG&G’s CMS platform allows our clients easy and convenient access to their sites, according to their needs and desired functionality.

Our content management system (CMS) was built from the ground up by our web team to fluidly handle the demands of the travel and tourism industry, business-to-business commerce, health care, education, banking, and more.

We use both open source solutions, tried and true industry tools, and our own proprietary CMS software to provide easy access for standard and advanced users alike.

BBG&G provides:

  • Training, Feedback and Support
  • Convenient & Intuitive Tools
  • Easy Content Creation
  • Powerful Updates and Support

We built our CMS platform to provide the best information and services to visitors and clients alike.

  • Fully-integrated solution, working seamlessly with our Automated Marketing Program, to provide a powerful marketing and relationship management platform
  • Itinerary Builders that let visitors save sites, restaurants, attractions and events to private, personalized trip planners
  • Complete integration with social media, Google Maps, aRes Travel, JackRabbit BookDirect, TripAdvisor, Yelp and many, many more
  • Advanced property search tools and RFP-building tools for real estate clients and meeting planners
  • Ecommerce