Market Research

Throughout our history as a Hudson Valley marketing communications company, market research and careful planning have formed the foundation of our brand strategies and marketing solutions. “It’s the work we do before we do the work”  is our tagline for that reason.

Over the years, we have provided both quantitative and qualitative research services for various clients – conducting focus groups, interviewing and surveying stakeholder groups, helping organizations evaluate name change options, and conducting complete market studies and analysis. The data, insight, and information gained from this market research inform our positioning strategy, guide our branding, and ensure smart, tactical solutions for the competitive challenges our clients face.


Market Research Services

  • Independent Market Studies:
    - Situation Analysis
    - Competitive Analysis
    - Needs and Industry Trends
    - Compliance Analysis
    - Psychographics – identifying customer profiles
  • Stakeholder Interviews and Surveys
  • Administration of Surveys and Tabulation of Findings
  • Market and Industry Trends Research and Analysis
  • Internal and External Focus Groups
  • Name Change Research, Analysis and Recommendations
  • Economic Development:
    - Placemaking Research and Analysis
    - Growth and Improvement Research and Strategy
    - Competitive Research and Analysis
  • Analysis and Reporting

It’s the work we do before we do the work  that makes us effective!