Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Successful search engine marketing requires more than a focus on improved search engine rankings. Google, Bing, and Yahoo! are fickle and their algorithms can change overnight.

Instead, we help move people (and their eyeballs) to our sites through ongoing optimization, pay-per-click programs, social media, targeting and re-targeting campaigns, automated marketing campaigns, emarketing, and yes, traditional media like TV, radio, and print, which still hold their place in the consumer decision-making cycle.

BBG&G’s full suite of search engine marketing services that help drive traffic to our sites and cut through the clutter include:

  • Integrated and cost-efficient media buys targeted to the people you want to reach, timed to reach them at the optimum moment in their decision-making cycle
  • Effective pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns targeted to your specific customer audience
  • Automated marketing programs that drive lead generation, lead conversion, and improved ROI
  • Targeting and re-tarketing campaigns across the Google Display Network
  • Ongoing monitoring, analysis, adjustments and recommendations for peak performance
  • Organic SEO, which means not only continually upgrading your content, but also making sure your navigation, content, and code is technically optimized

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Organic SEO

Brand strategy drives everything we do, including content development and organic search engine marketing. Our writing team will spend time developing keyword-rich copy that is on-brand and meaningful and relevant to your audiences – and considered a sign of a viable web site by browsers.

Whether we are building a whole new site, or updating your current site, we’ll craft an organic SEO plan and develop site content accordingly.

  • Conduct competitive analysis and content review
  • Develop/update on-page optimization, including titles, content, and meta descriptions
  • Research keyword searches and terms and apply findings to site content
  • Develop custom copy content that further enhances SEO
  • Enhance on-page optimization through improved organization of site structure and navigation links, so that internal site link structure is easily followed by search engine crawlers
  • Ongoing evaluation and adjustments for best performance

SEO through rich relationships and reciprocating links

Another component that plays into search engine rankings and algorithms are the links shared between your site and complementary, viable sites. We’ll take a look at your link relationships and recommend additional opportunities that may exist with credible, relevant partners.

SEO through Custom and Published Content

Besides organic SEO, we also leverage strategic custom content, public relations and social media integration, as well as local search optimization, for the greatest long-term value for our clients. This effective approach is often referred to as “content marketing.”

We’ll make recommendations to ensure that your public relations, social media postings, and specific site content support your goals and key term strategy.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Local search optimization plays an important role in overall search engine optimization. From Google+ to social media channels and industry-specific sites, we make sure your business information is up-to-date, on-brand, and complete. For many of our hospitality, lodging, and tourism clients, it is especially important to be present and current in the local markets their businesses are located.

We’ll take a look at your current local social and search presence online, identify opportunities and gaps, and then implement an ongoing program to update and fill in those gaps, as well as monitor results and take advantage of evolving opportunities.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign Management

Often search optimization efforts and display advertising can be well supported by a Paid Search Advertising campaign. Like every other component of your internet marketing strategy, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are developed to support your overall brand and business goals, and pursue specific marketing objectives.

BBG&G’s PPC team provides:

  • PPC strategy and planning
  • Hyper-focused audience reach through geographic, demographic, and behavorial targeting
  • Carefully crafted PPC ad writing and development
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Landing page design and development
  • Key term bid management and conversion tracking
  • Monthly results reporting
  • Careful cost control
  • On-going adjustments
  • Real time reporting