Anyone can get online. Only the swift and the smart make an impact there.

BBG&G web strategies are sophisticated and successful – timely, integrated, beautiful to look at, and based on real customer insight – every bit as dynamic as your company itself.

BBG&G’s expert approach brings together adaptive and responsive website design and development, SEM, SEO, social media, digital, blogs, mobile, and much more – so that you’re not just everywhere on the web, but you’re performing there, making a difference, and strengthening your brand.


Our sites have a few things in common:

  • Beautiful design that uniquely captures the essence of an organization and cohesively adds to and enhances your brand presence and identity
  • Clear organization and logical navigation, built on a solid understanding of search engine optimization and consumer search and research habits, to make sure your website is user, browser, and search engine friendly
  • Adaptive and responsive design for best flexibility and usage
  • A wide array of available features, from social media and blog integration to trip planners, CMS, marketing automation, booking engines, ecommerce, photo and video galleries, calendars and more

Behind the scenes, we’re busy doing our homework, to keep our solutions fresh, insightful, and in line with the constantly evolving web landscape. Our SEM support services help BBG&G sites get noticed by search engines and viewers alike, and our CMS tools provide our clients easy & convenient access.

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design – give it to me straight.

We approach web design as we approach all marketing tactics – from the shoes of the consumer. UI and UX Design methodology helps us make sure that the web sites we build are easy to use, easy to navigate, streamlined, and fun.

Our User Experience Design (UXD or UED) process evaluates brand objectives, research, required task flows and customer insight, and creates interactive experiences that are satisfying for the user, and increase conversion, drive qualified leads, simplify complex interactions and drive increased engagement for our clients. UXD blends people-centered thinking with information architecture, addressing the structural, informational, and emotional aspects of what makes a user interface successful and enjoyable.

The User Interface (UI) Design process evaluates what users need and will want to do on the site, and then makes sure that the site’s design elements are easy to use, access, and understand to facilitate those actions. Interface elements include buttons, dropdowns, toggles, navigational components, icons, progress bars, and more, and help users complete tasks efficiently and easily. UID fuses visual design and the skillful use of typography with an understanding of web structure and user habits.

Revenue Generation

While every organization is unique, we all share something with every other type of business. If we can increase revenue from our sites, we can achieve greater reach and better results.

DMOs (Destination Marketing Organizations) and tourism offices, in particular, appreciate the opportunity to create a revenue stream for themselves, and at the same time provide greater exposure for their partners.

You decide what kind of exposure and sponsorship opportunities you want to offer; we make it happen.

  • We develop options appealing to your industry partners, while preserving the look and feel of your website
  • Options include banner ads and text ads, priority listings, page sponsorships, event sponsorships, and more
  • We can coordinate every aspect of the program, from sales to gathering ads and design, or your partners can forward their ad material to us for inclusion on your site
  • Options can be structured to be highly cost-efficient and attractive to your partners

Site monetization can fund reinvestment in your web and digital programs, other media, or any other initiative you choose.