Virtual Reality Video in Tourism Marketing

Upon first encounter, Virtual Reality (VR) headsets may seem like yet another fun, trendy gadget. As it turns out, however, VR is a technology that is shaping our future, capable of transforming our approach to education, entertainment, healthcare, architecture, tourism and more.

Specifically within the tourism industry, VR provides a wealth of marketing opportunity. Unlike retail, tourism seeks to sell a destination, a complicated mixture of products, services and experiences that can feel intangible to the perspective traveler. Assisting them in absorbing the sense of place and information they need to make a decision is critical, and VR can make a huge difference.

So what is VR, exactly? Virtual Reality is a real-time simulation created by a computer-generated environment that people can navigate and sometimes interact with, engaging upwards of two of the five senses. To use VR as a marketing tool, destinations take a 360° video of the attraction’s facilities, which can be provided to customers through VR headsets at travel agencies, fairs, or even at home.

Using VR allows a destination to provide a wider breadth of information in a fast, cost-efficient and interactive way. It gives perspective travelers an accurate and reliable sneak peak of what their visit to a destination might be like, closing that gap of vagueness and uncertainty.

The first two steps in the buyer cycle involve a stimulation of an emotional connection and an education of products and services offered. VR engages the senses in a way that both evokes an inspiring experience and encourages the learning necessary for a customer to make a decision. Users are able to fully grasp and retain what makes the destination unique among its competition.

These are the factors that lead a tourist to desire a visit to a place and follow through on the decision to go. Using VR to market tourism is a rapidly growing trend, and jumping on board will keep you ahead of the curve. Questions? We can help you get started. Email to schedule a comprehensive consultation.

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